“From Excel to Excellence”

How Future Gaz can help your LNG, gas, hydrogen and hydrocarbon business?


We are expert and innovative in design and integration of volume measurement / reconciliation, including monitoring of regasification and metering, telemetry and mooring systems.

Cost Effective

We provide cost effective solutions with superior precision and data accuracy at all stages of volume transfer.

Resource Optimisation

Significant reduction of manual inputs, fewer personnel required, improved speed of service to stakeholders resulting in significant cost reductions.


Our dedicated team provides in house, state of the art volume transfer solutions,
offshore and onshore, software and hardware.


Current Industry Challenges

Identified industry problems which are addressed by Future Gaz automated solutions and processes.

  • Large scope for dispute and revenue loss
  • No standardized metrication
  • Lack of compatibility with surveying methodology
  • Largely Excel based processes / inherently flawed
  • Driven by contracts T&C
  • Only loosely referenced to GIIGNL
  • Future Gaz Solution

    • We at Future Gaz provide single source innovation solutions for industry stakeholders.
    • We digitalise by implementing database processes that replace the Excel / paper trails that exist today.
  • Future Gaz System

    • Proven system for hydrocarbon transfers that helps our customers with access of timely data and increased service level to their customers.
    • Readily tailored for LNG clients’ specific needs.
    • Closes identified gaps and challenges in the market
  • Smart Monitoring

    • Web-based 24/7 access, world-wide
    • Data Input validation provided by Condition Based Monitoring software process:
  • Digitalisation

    • Bespoke client requirements readily facilitated
    • Limitless speed, number of inputs, retention, flexibility, reporting and remote monitoring
    • Decarbonisation reconciliation aligned to Agenda 2030
  • Industry Compliance

    • SIGTTO- Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators
    • GIIGNL- The International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers
    • OCIMF- The Oil Companies International Marine Forum
    • CLASS- Classification Societies
    • ISO- Quality Certification Compliant

Step into the future with Future Gaz 

Our Partners

Our Professional Team

Future Gaz is a Senior Management Team partnership with extensive global knowledge of Business Intelligence, Oil & Gas, LNG, Marine Terminals, Moorings, Telemetry, On site and In transit stock reconciliation, Digitalisation, Organizational Optimization, ESG, CSR, Automation and Operational excellence.

Adina Andersson

Strategic Business Advisor

Paul Wartnaby

Partner / Technical Advisor

George Franklin

Senior Partner / Maritime Advisor

Steve Martin

Senior Partner / Project Lead

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